We are a multifaceted automotive company offering a broad spectrum of services from bolt-on modifications, fabrication, restorations and product manufacturing to general maintenance and repair services in the Import and Domestic industry. Our award winning projects have been featured at SEMA, in magazines around the world and product catlogs of various automotive product manufacturers. We want to build your dream machine, what will it be?

Our product manufacturing began in 2007 with the introduction of BMW's 335i N54 Twin Turbo and has continued on through it's evolution. We took our engineering and fabrication backgrounds and began producing innovative products that not only pioneered the development of a new market but still to this day continue to out perform the competition in markets all over the world. We hold several patents for our designs and are continuously expanding our product line, which we are proud to say is done right here in house.. in the USA!

While our own STETT product line is limited to a small range of BMW applications, our focus is all over the industry. If you need parts for any application, have a part you want installed or maybe you have a project you want built.. please contact us.