STETT Performance Dual Oil Cooler Kit - E8X N51 N52 N54 N55

STETT Performance Dual Oil Cooler Kit - E8X N51 N52 N54 N55
  • Item #: SP10-200210

This is our industry leading STETT Performance dual oil cooler kit for the E8X platform (E81 E82 E87 E88). It works with the N51, N52, N54 and N55 engines. This is the highest quality, best performing, best cooling, most complete user friendly and lowest price dual oil cooler kit you'll find on the market. We give you choices of fitting colors and extra hose so you or your installer can custom route the hoses to your liking. The fittings and hose are easy to assemble and easy to replace if you ever damage one. There is no need to buy special tools to assemble your hoses or have to buy an expensive hose assembly replacement like with other kits on the market, you just simply cut off the old hose and push on the new one - you reuse your existing fittings. Our kits include our billet aluminum oil filter housing adapter plate which deletes the restrictive and extremely high operating temp factory thermostat. We include a billet Improved Racing thermostat with better flow and much lower operating temp to help keep oil temps down where they should be. Other kits on the market don't include these things, yet they cost much more. You won't find a better performing or better bang for your buck oil cooler kit than right here from STETT Performance!

- CNC cut and Tig Welded 1/8" steel mounting brackets

- Easy to assemble hose and re-usable fittings

- Extra hose for custom routing and mounting of components

- High flow Improved Racing thermostat

- (2) Huge stacked plate oil coolers

- Billet aluminum oil filter housing adapter plate

- Multiple fitting color options

- 200+psi rated heavy duty reinforced oil cooler hose

- Unlike other kits, we don't re-use the restrictive and high temp factory thermostat



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Price $1,195.00